Bryn Mawr Resident Selected as 2012 Phillies Ballgirl

Alicia Anglin works at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and played varsity softball in high school.

Bryn Mawr native and microbiologist Alicia Anglin has been a Phillies fan for as long as she can remember. She was a member of the Junior Phillies Club and remembers when her favorite player, Jimmy Rollins, joined the team.

Now Anglin has joined the team, too, having been selected a 2012 Phillies Ballgirl

“I’m a huge Phillies fan, and I would go to games just about every year, and I would see them on the field,” Anglin said. “And I would think, ‘They have the best seat that anyone could have.’ And I always thought it was just amazing, but I never thought that I would actually have an opportunity to do that.” 

Anglin had to submit a two-minute video on why she wanted to be a Ballgirl along with her resume. Then, she and other applicants went to Citizens Bank Park for an all-day tryout that included showing off her softball skills and baseball knowledge. They also had live interviews with local broadcasters and had no idea what they would be asked beforehand. 

“She asked specifically, since I graduated with biology, about my science major,” said Anglin, who now works as a medical lab tech at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. “It was fun to talk about my job. I love microbiology.”

Anglin didn’t know what being a Phillies Ballgirl entailed until she did some research. She found out they were involved in a number of volunteer organizations and charity events, and they have their own softball team.

“I thought, ‘This would be the most amazing job,’ ” Anglin said. “So that’s why I decided I was going to go for it.”

She was volunteering at an animal shelter when she got the call that she’d gotten the position.

“When I got to work, everyone was going crazy,” Anglin said. “Everyone had a ton of questions. It was fun, though, because I got to explain to them how we do a lot more than what you think we do. It felt so good just to know I was going to be a Ballgirl—I was in shock for about two weeks.”

Anglin has been playing softball since she was 7. She mostly plays shortstop, sometimes third. She played all through elementary, middle and high school. Anglin was on the varsity team her freshman year at and her sophomore, junior and senior years at . She was also a team captain senior year, she said, and stopped playing in college at Neumann University to concentrate on her studies.

“Just the whole tryout process was amazing,” Anglin said. “At Citizens Bank Park, they were really great. They take you on a tour and allow you to take some pictures. They understand you’re still a fan as well. If it’s something that you want to do, just to try it, go for it because you never know what will happen.”


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