Viewfinder: Move-In Day at Rosemont College

One hundred fifty freshmen descend on the Rosemont Campus.

Saturday was move-in day at . The campus, located on Montgomery Avenue in Rosemont, bustled with activity as 150 freshmen and transfer students and their parents arrived, unpacked, set up dorm rooms, and attended orientation meetings. They took tours of the campus and its many buildings and enjoyed a buffet lunch in the dining hall. The residence halls were buzzing with activity. Parents and students carried baggage, furniture and sports equipment from cars to rooms. Students were decked out in a variety of colored T-shirts that identified specific groups of students. It was a very organized and seamless endeavor. As a dad who went through eight years of move-in and move-out days with two children in college, I can say that the children love it, and the parents get through it. 

Rosemont College, founded in 1921, was a woman's college until 2009 when it admitted its first men to study. Each year the ratio of men to women increases slightly with the goal of achieving a balance over the next few years. In addition to its undergraduate college, Rosemont also offers graduate courses and a professional studies program. More information about the college can be found at www.rosemont.edu.  


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