Harriton High School No Place for Hate

Gingerbread people help declare the Harriton High School is no place for hate.

The following is a press release from Harriton High School.

At first glance, the cafeteria windows at Harriton look like rows of gingerbread people, but upon closer examination these paper cutouts stand for something far greater – they are a visual representation of Harriton's pledge to be a "No Place for Hate" school.

The campaign to end bullying begins with awareness, so four students - Casey Haas, Lily Rosen, Kevin Bendesky and Max Raphael, who serve as peer leaders in the Freshmen Mentor Program - took it upon themselves to organize the activity which would serve as an eye-catching illustration and daily reminder for all students that bullying will not be tolerated. During a recent advisory period students were asked to craft anti-bullying slogans on these cutouts and then to decorate each with their own personal touch. Said one observer while looking at that the display, "All of those outstretched arms look like rows and rows of hugs."


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