Bryn Mawr College to Honor Musician Patti Smith

The rocker will get the school's Katharine Hepburn Medal in February.

Career musician and performer Patti Smith will in February become the newest recipient of Bryn Mawr College's Katharine Hepburn Medal, the college recently announced.

The honor goes to contributors in the fields of "the arts, civic engagement, and women’s health," all passions of Hepburn, the Oscar-winning actress and Bryn Mawr graduate, according to the announcement.

The ceremony will take place Feb. 7 in Goodhart Hall. 

In a written statement to Bryn Mawr College, Smith said, "Bryn Mawr is helping shape the futures of young women and providing them with the tools to be dominant forces in our society. The Hepburn Center commemorates two women who had this same passion to make a difference and always blazed their own path, so to be recognized by Bryn Mawr College’s Hepburn Center to receive the Hepburn Medal is truly an honor."


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