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Shapiro to Stump for Obama Sunday

Visiting Abington, Pottstown on voter turnout drive

Josh Shapiro, chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners and former state representative, will visit Abington and Pottstown on Sunday in support of President Barack Obama's reelection campaign.

Shapiro will visit Obama field offices in Elkins Park and on High Street in Pottstown at 10:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m., respectively.

The campaign said Shapiro will be speaking on the importance of voting in the general election this Tuesday, Nov. 6. Obama supporters will be canvassing neighborhoods and working on phone banks in support of the campaign.

Later Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will appear at a campaign stop in Yardley.

On Monday, former President Bill Clinton will stump for Obama in Blue Bell, part of a whirlwind election eve tour of the state that starts in Pittsburgh and ends in Philadelphia.

Both the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns have taken a renewed interest in Pennsylvania in the waning weeks of the election season, as polls have shown Governor Romney edging closer to President Obama in a state that was once considered solidly in Obama's column. Obama carried the state in 2008.

Tim Lewis November 04, 2012 at 08:58 PM
This is news?
Victor B. Krievins November 05, 2012 at 02:25 AM
And the winner will be Mitt Romney!
Colter95 November 06, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Yea... There will be two people there... Shapiro and an Obama campaign worker calling back to campaign headquarters to report how screwed, blued, and tattooed they are come tomorrow night... Even Clinton's last gasp desperation visits won't save Obama... PA does not accept lies and deceit at the top... http://obamalies.net/list-of-obamas-failures http://www.factcheck.org/2012/06/obamas-outsourcer-overreach/ http://www.policymic.com/articles/14285/obama-lies-obama-auto-bailout-did-not-rescue-detroit http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/10/25/CBS-Busts-Obama--and-Itself-Hidden-60-Minutes-Clip-Proves-White-House-Lied-About-Benghazi Romney/Ryan 2012
Colter95 November 06, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Do you think Obama is a good guy and a straight shooter? Read on, please: 
Obama has been an economic disaster the last four years, and this Benghazi disgrace is completely unacceptable... This country does not reward failure and dishonesty out of the White House... http://www.factcheck.org/2012/06/obamas-outsourcer-overreach/ http://obamalies.net/list-of-obamas-failures http://blog.heritage.org/2012/10/18/president-obamas-taxpayer-backed-green-energy-failures/ http://lacrossetribune.com/news/opinion/patti-schmidt-list-of-obama-s-failures-is-long/article_7a139146-fec2-11e1-8e81-0019bb2963f4.html http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2012/08/obamas-foreign-policy-failures-catalogued.php http://www.facebook.com/notes/republican-security-council/the-top-10-obama-flip-flops-by-ari-fleischer/171275079638338 http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100083104/the-u-turn-president-barack-obama-top-ten-flip-flops/ You see, it's easy to run on a slogan, like Obama did in 2008... Hope and change, baby... It's much harder to do once you have a record that can be reviewed... He also said in 2008 that if he didn't get the job done in four years, that it would be a one term deal... Well, he hasn't delivered, so time to let him keep his word... Romney/Ryan 2012


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