New Bryn Mawr College IDs Will Work for Voting

The college ID cards will comply with Pennsylvania's new voter-ID law.

Students, faculty and staff at are getting new ID cards this fall that can also be used at Haverford College—and at the polls on Election Day.

The cards are part of an administrative initiative between the colleges to better integrate administrative services, according to a post on Bryn Mawr Now. But the cards will also have expiration dates so they will , which has become especially controversial in an election year.

Bryn Mawr College is one of several colleges in Pennsylvania making adjustments to comply with the law, according to the Associated Press. Temple University is also changing its IDs, and student IDs at the University of Pennsylvania already had expiration dates.

In Montgomery County, 37,645 voters do not have a PennDOT ID number; in the state, about 760,000 registered voters (or 9.2 percent of the state's voter base) do not have state-issued IDs.

The case is currently in front of the Commonwealth Court to decide whether the law violates the state constitution, and Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson plans to issue a ruling on the case the week of Aug. 13.


What do you think about the law? Tell us in the comments.


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