Montgomery County Ranks As 16th Wealthiest County In US

Montgomery County beats out Chester County, which ranks at 28th.

Montgomery County is the 16th wealthiest county in the United States, according to Commissioner James Matthews. 

Matthews cited a Philly.com article from April 22, which cited data from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. According to the article, Montgomery County had a $63,469 per-capita income in 2009.

The income placed it 16 “among the large counties in the U.S. and first among Pennsylvania’s 67 counties,” according to the article. Chester County ranked 28th in the data nationally with a $57,033 per capita income and Bucks County was ranked 57th with a $46,516 per capita income.

Matthews said the county’s current debt is at $545 per capita, which is close to the $518 per capita debt that existed when the current administration took office. He said the ratio of debt to the market value is 0.42, which is similar to the 0.36 ratio in 2008.

Brian Brennan August 14, 2011 at 02:13 AM
16th wealthiest county is impressive, but I would have expected Montgomery County to rank in the top ten counties in the country, easily. I would think that most Delaware Valley residents would rank the Main Line right up there with Beverly Hills.


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