Man Injured in Attack Over Food Stamps, Police Say

The man needed six staples in his head, according to a Spring City Police Officer.

Marshall Thomas. Credit: Spring City Police Department.
Marshall Thomas. Credit: Spring City Police Department.

A West Chester man is in prison after allegedly attacking a Spring City resident over food stamps on Monday evening, according to the Spring City Police Department.

Marshall Thomas, of East Marshall Street in West Chester, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and related charges after allegedly beating Christopher Parrish at a New Street apartment complex, police said.

A police officer responded to the apartment complex at 7:40 p.m. for the report of a possible robbery when he saw Thomas running from the building, allegedly throwing a flashlight into a retaining wall on the property.

Thomas and a white male were detained after they refused to offer information regarding the reported incident; the white male then allegedly reported that Thomas confronted the victim about an Access card that the victim loaned him, which was canceled.

Thomas believed that he was owed money by the victim, because he wasn’t able to use the food stamps on the card, police said.  Thomas then began hitting the victim with a flashlight when he told Thomas that he wouldn’t pay him more money, police said.

The officer entered the apartment complex and found a large amount of blood on the floor and found the victim, Parrish, with a large gash on his head. Parrish was taken to Phoenixville Hospital and received 6 staples to close the wound in his head, police said.

The victim then told police that Thomas threw his keys to the white male, saying to get his gun from his car because he was going to shoot the victim in the knees, police said.


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