Felony Charges Dropped Against Villanova Student Who Tried To Set A Mattress on Fire

A preliminary hearing was held Thursday in Ardmore.

Mateusz Przewloka was facing felony and misdemeanor charges after being arrested

But the 22-year-old's charges were reduced and the case concluded Thursday during what was scheduled be a preliminary hearing in front of District Judge Kathleen Valentine in Ardmore.

An agreement was reached and all charges except three summary offenses were dropped. Przewloka pleaded guilty to public drunkeness, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

He was facing a third degree felony charge of risking catastrophe and misdemeanor charges of institutional vandalism and possession of an instrument of crime with intent to use,

Przewloka, his attorney said, could not stay at Villanova with felony or misdemeanor charges. Because he is in the country on a student visa they feared he would be deported back to Poland. 

"He is just starting out his adult life," Przewloka's grandfather told the judge. "It is very important to him and his family that he finish his studies."

In lieu of the heftier charges, the 22-year-old must pay $129 restitution for damages caused to the police station and $350 in fines for the summary offenses.

Because Prrzewloka's grandfather agreed to pay the $129 immediately, Valentine said the case was closed.

"It will end here today," she said. "Make sure the university knows that it is over."




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