Restaurant Review: Mrs. Marty’s Deli and Restaurant

The new Bryn Mawr hotspot has great food and prices.

 22 N. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Style:  Casual dining (soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.)
Deli, American-style Cuisine, Kosher
Welcoming, café-style (with TVs in the background)

Parking: Yes, street (with parking meters)
Very accommodating
Price Range: 
Unique Feature: 
Deli/Bakery goods on the premises, Kosher meals offered, Kid-friendly menus

A new extension of a growing food chain has recently made itself comfortable on North Bryn Mawr Avenue. Originally founded in 1984, Mrs. Marty’s Deli and Restaurant has maintained eateries in both Broomall and Media, with only about five weeks ago. It only made sense that we check it out.

Greeted with a smile and two menus, we arrived on a Sunday morning at 10 a.m., being told to choose any open table. After getting comfortable, our drink orders were immediately taken. As we waited for our drinks, I soaked in the welcoming atmosphere that Mrs. Marty’s provided. The patrons were as expected; a few older gentlemen enjoying their coffee and bagel, as well as a few college students wrapping up their meals as we got situated.

The first (and really only) snag of the meal was the drink order. I ordered a water, and my girlfriend, hot tea. The waiter, who appeared to be learning the ropes still, served the tea lukewarm… and oddly enough, in a large water glass. Confused by the drink, we stopped him the next time he walked by and asked if we could have the tea in a ‘teacup,’ and served hot. By no means were we trying to ridicule the server, but given the customers nearby, Mrs. Marty’s Deli certainly offered teacups.

Once the drink was replaced, all was well. We studied the menu, impressed by not only the selection but also by the low prices. After placing our orders, we couldn’t help but appreciate the overall décor of Mrs. Marty’s Deli and Restaurant. Fully equipped with a stocked display case and bread shelves, the restaurant smelled exceptionally fresh. As a nice touch, they also had ‘old-timey’ sodas lined up and a full pickle barrel, which couldn’t help but bring back childhood memories. 

Within 15 minutes, our entrées were served. As a man of principle, I decided on sticking to the basic staples of breakfast; I ordered the Eggs & Bacon Special, which came with Toast & Home Fries. Though I have had better elsewhere, I cannot say a bad word about the meal. Everything was served at the ideal temperature, and the seasoned home fries were the most satisfying part of breakfast. My girlfriend chose the Broccoli & Mushroom Omelet, with egg whites. Without embellishment, she was obsessed. The veggies were fresh and cooked to perfection, and she had to talk herself out of finishing the whole meal (so that she could look forward to a future leftover). We also decided to treat ourselves and split an order of Chocolate Chip Pancakes. “How did they make them so fluffy,” was a question she posed to me more than once during the meal; I’m still curious as to how it’s done.

Once the girlfriend’s omelet was wrapped up, our check was promptly brought over. As I paid the bill at the counter, I thought about our breakfast, and how Mrs. Marty’s Deli and Restaurant would be an excellent addition to our weekend routine.  Maybe next time though, we’ll stop by later in the day to enjoy their stacked sandwiches or family dinners.

Click Here to see the Menu.

Jennifer Kim (Editor) April 04, 2012 at 05:29 PM
I'm a big fan of Mrs. Marty's Deli!
rebeccA May 09, 2012 at 05:28 PM
I have ordered from this place about 6 times...NOT ONCE have they gotten it right...NOT ONCE!!!! On top of that, what self-resepcting Jewish Deli gives you one container with two measley pickle slices (not even spears) when you order 6 sandwiches!?!?!?!?! NOT GOING BACK...EVER! Thank you Hymies, I will drive the extra 10 minutes to get what I actually ordered.
Robin August 30, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Not once have they gotten our orders right, either. It's a heartbreak of a situation. We had such high hopes. The staff are all but completely inexperienced. The "chef" doesn't care, at all. It's a complete mess and I don't know why the owner doesn't pay attention to the place. The Broomall location is a dream.
sonie zebrowitz September 01, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I have eaten at Mrs Marty's Lawrence Park on several occasions. Always satisfied. While in the Bryn Mawr area we decided to try it out. Ordered cup of soup and half of a turkey special sandwich. Soup was good. Half sandwich a disaster! It appeared to be ALL COLESLAW. When I questioned the waitress, she pointed to the very small mound of shredded turkey and said that for "a half sandwich, they use half portion of turkey". That sounded logical except thr full portion must be extremely small also. She offered to have it remade, but I declined and ate my coleslaw half sandwich! While paying our check, I noticed a whole- not yet sliced- belly lox in the case and asked the price. The cashier checked with a deli man and replied $4.11. They sell lox by the PORTION? I dropped the whole idea because I doubted that anyone there would have known how to slice lox! Hymie's is not that far away and I will remain loyal to them! Hope you don't have a long lease!


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