Restaurant Review: Gladwyne Market

Whip up a delicious healthy dinner in under five minutes with a visit here.


Address: 359 Righters Mill Rd., Gladwyne, PA 19035

Rating: (out of 5 stars): ★★★
Style: Local market with extensive prepared foods section

Food: Sandwiches, salads, seafood, American classics, sushi and vegetable sides
Atmosphere: Brightly lit and welcoming
Parking: Small lot
Service: Friendly and accommodating
Price Range: A bit pricier than other markets
Unique Features: A haven for local goods including Bassett’s ice cream, Bucks County Coffee Co. beans and a wide array of Di Bruno Bros. products. There is also a selection of gluten-free goods.

Every time I see a Wal-Mart or other such super store, I feel more than a little sad. Each warehouse of ridiculously cheap goods has often crushed the local mom-and-pop shops that had been in the area prior. While we are still struggling through a depressed economy I still prefer to frequent local shops which are run by people in the community. Gladwyne Market has been around for as long as I can remember and its success stems from the commitment to quality goods and community support.

I will admit that I hadn’t been to Gladwyne Market in quite a while, but I was pleasantly surprised by what awaited me. The prepared foods section is impressive and offers something for everyone. I hit the deli counter first and ordered a roast beef, avocado and roasted red pepper (their combination not my original creation) sandwich on a hoagie roll. The sesame seed-studded Liscio’s roll went nicely with the tender juicy beef. The horseradish sauce was sinus-clearing strong so I could have gone with a little less. The avocado and peppers were overpowered by the horseradish sauce, and their flavors faint.

Out of sheer curiosity I grabbed a package of fresh sushi. My volcano roll with shrimp tempura, tuna, spicy sauce, eel sauce and flying fish roe was decent. I wasn’t expecting it to blow my mind, but the white rice was a bit hard (refrigerating cooked rice doesn’t really help with flavor or texture). The shrimp tempura was soggy and the tuna slices on the thinner side. I will admit that it tasted OK and you can’t beat the price ($9.99).

The second prepared foods section goes beyond sandwiches and salads and offers gourmet fare. There are grilled salmon steaks, crab cakes, twice baked potatoes, roasted corn salad, etc. American classics like meatloaf and macaroni and cheese are also available. My eye spotted the salmon cake stuffed into a portobella mushroom cap right away. The crab cakes are available in plain and cumin seasoned varieties and come with your choice of tartar or cocktail sauce. The availability of such high quality prepared food makes this place ideal for a quick dinner run. Grilled fish and vegetables beat a pizza any day.

I appreciated the abundance of local goods available at Gladwyne Market. The vanilla butterscotch Bassett’s ice cream, Bucks County Co. French Roast coffee, Di Bruno Bros. Parmesan and Arrabiata sauce all get my vote for best of the best. So many of my favorite local vendors are under one roof!

The service is friendly and accommodating. The crowd tends to be regulars and they are greeted by name. I was offered help immediately and rung up efficiently. The warm neighborhood vibe is genuine and not some corporate mandate. Gladwyne Market is an asset to the neighborhood, and I hope that it remains for a long time.

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Sue January 23, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Thanks for this review! When Food Source closed in Bryn Mawr, we were so bummed. They had such a great selection of prepared foods and beautiful produce. Sounds like Gladwyne Market can fill the void.


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