Bryn Mawr Resident Dies at 63

The following obituaries are from the third week of February.

Barbara Tompkins Ames, of Bryn Mawr, died on Feb 17.

Constance Dash, of Bryn Mawr, died on Feb 12.

Deborah Alice Deans, of Bryn Mawr, dies at 63.

Robert Till, of Bryn Mawr, dies on Feb 17.

Mary Simms, of Bryn Mawr, dies at 59.

Geraldine Nickle, of Penn Valley, died on Feb 10.

Rosemary Cellini, born in Ardmore, dies at 64.

John Geraghty Jr, of Ardmore, died on Feb 6.

David Patrick Segrave-Daly, of Ardmore, dies at 70.


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