Gladwyne Lunch Box Carries On Tradition

The tiny, friendly sandwich shop serves simple breakfast foods and Philly-style sandwiches.

Gladwyne resident Sam Stanford was working at MilkBoy when he found out that Bill and Laura Faust, the owners of , were thinking about closing up shop.

"A friend, who I'm working with now, was a regular customer at Gladwyne Village Lunch—like an every day kind of customer," Stanford said. "He told [the owners] he knew a guy that wanted to get his own place."

And the rest is history.

Gladwyne Village Lunch closed on July 29, and Stanford's new breakfast and lunch shop, Gladwyne Lunch Box, opened in the old Gladwyne Village Lunch location, 951 Youngsford Rd., about a month ago.

"I live in Gladwyne, this shop is a Gladwyne institution, and the owners felt good about handing it over to a local—someone who knows the neighborhood and can keep the place going," he explained.

Stanford describes the shop as a classic Philadelphia sandwich shop with cheesesteaks and Philly-style breakfast —"meaning scrapple," he said—and sandwiches on a long roll, and a real neighborhood, almost barbershop feel."

The menu focuses on simple breakfast and lunch favorites, like two eggs with hashbrowns and toast for $5.25, an Italian hoagie for $7.25, burgers and veggie burgers ($5.50), cheesesteaks ($6.75 to $8) and homemade scoop salads, like chicken salad ($7.75).

It helps that a lot of the regulars from the sandwich place's previous incarnation have stayed, which has made the transition pretty easy.

"I've got a bunch of really amazing regulars who come in rain, sleet or snow—some of them twice a day," Stanford said. "It's really made the transition almost seamless. Business has been getting better and better each week."

Gladwyne Lunch Box is located at 951 Youngsford Rd., and is open 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.


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