Bryn Mawr MilkBoy Gets New Owner

Her five-year lease began March 1.

The Bryn Mawr changed hands March 1 and will see some changes in the next few months.

The Counter Culture coffee and the baked goods and staff will remain the same, but the name and decor will change, said new owner Natalia Carignan. The coffee shop will have to close for some of the remodeling, which will include new floors and painting, she said, and will reopen under a new name.

The goal is for that to happen sometime within the next month to six weeks, Carignan said, but a new name has yet to be chosen. 

"I'm hoping people continue to patronize it," Carignan said.

Part of Carignan's vision also involves "Third Wave Coffee," for customers who have more time to spend on their coffee, she said. Carignan went to Portland, OR, to sample coffee and worked with a barista school there.

Discounts for patrons and students will also continue, she said.

More details will be available in the coming weeks, added Carignan, who signed a five-year lease.

Tommy Joyner, who co-owns the and MilkBoy locations with Jamie Lokoff, announced the Bryn Mawr MilkBoy change in a Feb. 29 tweet, adding "this is a super good thing! J and I haven't given it much attention lately... #allbetter."


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