Bryn Mawr Rotarian Off to War!

Bryn Mawr Rotarian Mary Ann Schrader will depart from Newark, N.J. on February 14th on a 16 hour flight to India to aid in Rotary’s War on Polio. Her mission is underwritten by the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club. She will aid in the immunization of babies and young children in the area of Delhi, India. The group of 15 men and women will visit several of Mother Teresa’s homes and will take gifts of children’s clothing and bedding as well. They will be working in the slum areas of the cities and villages. While Rotary has been able to declare 98% of the globe as being Polio free, this continued mission is an attempt to keep the virus in check. The Polio virus attacks youngsters without immunization and usually leaves them with paralysis of the limbs. Mary Ann has served with Rotary NID (National Immunization Day) teams previously in Nigeria and India.

Mary Ann is show below with Rotarians Dick Cuff (Secretary) (L) and Chuck Myers (Past President) (R.) at a recent Bryn Mawr Rotary Meeting that was held at the all new Berkshire Hathaway office in the Rosemont Mall, Rosemont, PA.  

For more information about the war on polio, please visit: www.rotary7450.org/ or www.rotary.


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